The New Nano

Introducing the new micro PC by ourselves.

Featuring a Micro ITX board with built in wireless, easy home theatre, streaming and even a little gaming

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Now using the AMD APU Series

We’ve just started utilising the new AMD processors on the FM2+ Sockets.

These cost effective CPU’s are making our home computers quicker than possible at a cheaper cost for you.

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What started in 2011 has developed into this, Unit Computers is a proud company created from the stubborn minded nature of it’s creator. Over the years the company has evolved keeping it’s personality with it’s superior products. Systems have been being built by the staff for the last decade without any human fault. We hope you enjoy this site and your browsing experience, remember we’re only a phone call away on 01392580850 should you want to talk to us about any requirements you might have with your PC.

Our Systems

The Unit Computers range of computers will give you superb performance and true value for money no matter what budget. We pride ourselves on delivering the ideal home computer to all and the gaming PC to the enthusiasts. The Micro and Play range are perfect for everyday home and office tasks, while the more individual named beastly gaming rigs we produce are great for mind blowing graphics and true high performance gaming.

All machines are designed to exceed your expectations without stretching your budget or making your wallet cry. With a 1 year full warranty as standard on all our computers you can be assured of the best experience possible and free lifetime upgrade labour. Simply we care about our machines and our customers, we will only use the same parts any enthusiast would and change our specifications far more often than big name brands.

What our customers have had to say about our services and products

Very pleased with the quick and efficient service recieved

Maxine Bone

If you’re looking for effective services and the prices are very good

Clive Rowlands

Unit computers has helped me out with a variety of computer related issues. A 5* customer service.

James Cook

Always pleased with the service I receive

Charles Edwards

Need Help or Support?

If you’ve got a problem, then get in contact with us on either of the details to the right.

You shouldn’t worry though, most issues are only very minor, but this doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Like a check engine light in a car a system not running right is the first sign of software or hardware issues and if left can avalanche itself into a greater issue.

Remember support over the phone is free for 3 years with any new computer, so it’s likely calling us won’t even cost you a penny (you will be advised before any chargeable work has been carried out).